book translation.

I have translated into Spanish the following books:

La Alemania de Weimar
Atlas de las grandes exploraciones
100 libros que cambiaron el mundo
Los Beatles
50 temas fundamentales sobre la energía.
Los siete reinos de los seres vivos
Consejos de decoración
Muñecas de punto
Costura Wabi-Sabi
500 recetas para wok

Apart from that, I have collaborated on the translation of two directories: Performing Arts Yearbook for Europe and Music, Opera, Dance and Drama in Asia, the Pacific and North America.

I have also worked with the publisher TB Editores, translating articles to be used in future publications.

One of my most recent collaborations is with the Spanish publishers Crítica and Península, for which I have done reader's reports.

Strong focus on quality.

Use of the latest translation tools.