financial and legal translation.

I am highly specialised in financial and legal translation with over 10 million words translated and edited.


Among the types of documents I have delivered are full and simplified prospectuses, as well as their amendments and supplements, notices and letters to shareholders, KIIDs, monthly commentaries, portfolio analyses, articles of association, terms and conditions of  funds, managers 

presentations, fund factsheets, annual reports, intermediate reports, financial statements, merger proposals, board of directors composition reports and IPOs.


I have also translated legal documents such as services agreements, arbitration proceedings, investment dispute settlements and minutes of high-level meetings, as well as international government correspondence.


I am proud to have worked for the biggest names in the industry, among them banks such as Barclays, Bank of America, BBVA, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Santander; insurance companies such as Zurich; and financial services companies such as BlackRock, Deloitte, Fitch, Goldman Sachs, Invesco, Investec and Morgan Stanley among many others.


Quick turnaround, always on time.

Use of the latest translation tools.

Strong focus on quality.