media translation.

I have carried out linguistic consultancy for broadcasters such as MTV Networks, VH1, ABC, Disney and ITV, including many programmes such as The Oprah Winfrey’s Show and The View; production companies like Noostar; and advertising and marketing companies like Digitas and AKQA.


Besides subtitling promotional videos and TV series, I also have extensive experience translating press releases, as well as articles on news and current affairs, international cooperation, the environment, travel, culture and general entertainment.

Among my current collaborations I would like to highlight the translation from English into Spanish of the magazine Environment for Europeans, published by the European Commission; and the translation from Italian into Spanish of C Magazine, published by Costa Cruises.


I have also worked on localisation, testing and translating mobile phone games and apps.

Strong focus on quality.

Use of the latest translation tools.

Quick turnaround time.