social sciences translation.

Would you like your translation to be done by an experienced translator with a Degree in History? That is exactly what I offer.

History is my main area of expertise, but I have also worked in the broader field of the social sciences. 

I have translated and edited academic papers specialising in History, Anthropology, Political Science and Sociology, and I have done translations for international organisations such as the European Union (EU), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN), as well as for government bodies in the UK and Spain, among other countries.

I translated into Spanish the books The Golden Atlas: The Greatest Explorations, Quests and Discoveries on Maps and The Devil's Atlas: An Explorer's Guide to Heavens, Hells and Afterworlds, both by Edward Brooke-Hitching and Infographics: Designing and Visualizing Data, edited by Wang Shaoqiang. I have also collaborated in the translation of Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy, by Eric D. Weitz and 100 Books that Changed the World, by Colin Salter and Scott Christianson. 

At the moment I am translating the book  The Devil's Atlas: An Explorer's Guide to Heavens, Hells and Afterworlds, by Edward Brooke-Hitching.

I also have my own portfolio of published articles on History and Linguistics.

One of my most recent collaborations has been with the Spanish publisher Crítica, for which I have done reader's reports of History books.



Strong focus on quality.

Use of the latest translation tools.